We have many avenues for volunteers to participate in growing the party and solidifying our base in Arizona.
These include:

The County Development Committee.   Of Arizona’s fifteen counties, the AZLP has active organizations in eight, and developing organizations in another two.  Help us get the remaining five counties organized! 

The Technology Committee.  Are you an IT guru or web designer?  Have experience in searches or data migration?  Organizational skills?  The technology committee needs you!

The Bylaws & Platform Committees.  Are you concerned about how things work and how to make it better?  Familiar with Roberts’ Rules of Order? 

The Outreach and Event Planning Committee.  Reaching out to touch our voters, planning parties and/or happenings your thing?

 The Fundraising Committee.  Do you have nonprofit experience or fundraising experience with volunteer organizations?  Marketing and sales skills?  The AZLP – unlike our major party neighbors – receives no national funding, help us grow the party and our resources!

The Candidate Recruitment Committee.  Would you like encouraging individuals to run for office, help individuals in what it takes to run for office, help Arizona Libertarians get elected, consider serving on this committee.

The Volunteer Coordination Committee.  Help with finding volunteers and to encourage them to participate where they feel they can be most helpful.

The Powell Gammill Award.  Help with choosing a recipient for this AZLP award honoring a lifetime achievement and dedication to the Party.

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