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Welcome to the Arizona Libertarian Party website!

"Don't hit other people, don't take their stuff and keep your promises."
-- David Boaz

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Reminder - LNC national convention
Posted by: Warren Severin - May 8th
"Just a reminder that the LNC convention is coming up, Columbus OH, June 26 – 29. AZLP gets 24 ..."

Precinct Committeemen Needed
Posted by: Warren Severin - May 3rd
"If you're a registered Libertarian in Arizona, we need you to become a Precinct Committeeman. It is ..."


Calling all Candidates! File as a Write-in!
Posted by: Barry Hess - July 17th
" Calling ALL potential Libertarian candidates: Thursday, July 17th, at 5:00 PM is the deadline ..."

Public Private Partnerships Undermine Competition
Posted by: Jim Iannuzo - July 6th
"The idea that a monopolistic public-private partnership benefits local citizens is a modern fiction...."


Our Platform expresses how we stand on many of the important issues that plague Arizona citizens. Click here to read our platform.

Upcoming Events

August 11th
Maricopa County Libertarian Party monthly meeting -  Get involved with the Libertarian Party locally. The next meeting

August 14th
Pima County Libertarian Party Monthly Meeting -  The Pima County Libertarian Party is meeting Thursday night. August 1