OP-ED “Defend the Guard Act”

In light of the governor’s requirement the legislature only send “good bills,” the Arizona Libertarian Party would like to draw attention to such a bill. 

SB-1367, otherwise called the “Defend the Guard Act,” just passed the through the senate this week.  Its counterpart in the House, HB-2320 has 11 sponsors and overwhelming support from the AZLP.

The purpose of the Defend the Guard Act is for states to reassert their rights under the 10th Amendment in the event the Federal government uses military force as a tool of US Foreign Policy.  This bill would not allow the Arizona National Guard to be incorporated into the total fighting force, unless a formal declaration of war is passed.  As we are all too aware under Article 1, Section 8 of the US Constitution, this power is delegated specifically to Congress, one not exercised since World War 2.

Why sign this or even bother showing support?  Aside from giving the Governor of Arizona, a new voice in US Foreign Affairs, it turns out this bill has seen significant support from Republican legislators.  In part because Arizona Republicans wish to see an end to the wars of choice dominating American politics for the past 20 years.  Those Republican senators understand Arizonans want this to stop.  Perhaps this bill is worth the Governor’s time?

By voicing support for SB-1367 and HB-2320, you signal to Arizona Democrats this is a bill worth passing—because it is.  You signal to them the loudest voices against the Iraq War were speaking from a position of principle.  Not long ago, the loudest voices against the 2003 invasion (aside from Ron Paul) and nearly every other military action came exclusively from the left.  This is a play to a traditional Democrat position, what is there to lose?

This is your chance.  Your chance to tell Democrats it is still okay to be skeptical about sending Arizona’s best and brightest overseas to fight for dubious causes.  Your chance to tell anti-war voices did not go unheard. 

If you believe “forever wars” of choice dominating American politics for the past 20 years need to come to an end.  If you believe diplomacy and not assassination by drone strike is the way to settle disagreements between nations—this is a bill for you!  This is yet another way Arizona can take a leadership role in the pursuit of Federalism and prevent further Federal overreach.

The AZLP urges you to contact your representatives and Governor Hobbs today, and tell them you want to see the Defend the Guard become the law.  Make your voice heard.

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