Dedication to our Highly honored past Mentors.

  • 2022 Awarded To Mr. Michael Keilsky
  • 2021 Awarded To Ms. Elizabeth Nolan
  • 2020 Awarded To Judge John Buttrick (Ret.)
  • 2019 Awarded To Mr. James Iannuzo
  • 2018 Awarded to Mr. Howard Blitz

  • 2017 Awarded to Mrs. Emily Goldberg

Powell Gammill

An NAU graduate, and a 50 year Arizona resident.

Occupations: Molecular Biologist, Laboratory Manager, Clinical Virologist, Microbiologist

I was a tool of the state for many years, until I got a harsh lesson that the only mission in government is to make your bosses shine. Private industry pays. But the market for non-clinical molecular biology or infectious disease lab managers is very small in Phoenix. I am now your Senior Editor for Freedom’s Phoenix.
Political Bio: I became interested in libertarian philosophy in the late 70’s, getting an introduction to it from a Flagstaff physician, Dr. Murray Feldstein.

I left the Republican Party sometime in the early 90’s disillusioned by their behavior and specifically the lack of criticism for the socialist legislation being offered by John McCain.

I discovered the Arizona Libertarian Party ( a few years later. And was very involved from early 1999, until the corrupt Arizona Appellate Court black robes handed control of the AZLP over to the State. Is there anything more antithetical to libertarianism than that? The black robes are above the people’s right to freely associate.

After that, I left the Party, but continued my activism as part of the Western Libertarian Alliance ( .
My Philosophy: Freedom good! Government bad, bad, bad, bad, bad. I will not initiate force, or fraud against any individual. I will resist those who do when prudent with all means at my disposal. I will approach all individuals with the idea of interacting with them through mutually agreed upon conditions. What other political or personal philosophy do you need? And wouldn’t the world be a more peaceful place if everyone learned to mind their own business?

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