A Statement From The Chair On Marc Victor’s Withdrawal

Statement from Emily S. Goldberg, AZLP Chair

The party of principle does not sell out to the highest bidder or kowtow to bullies.
We expect our candidates to run focused, meaningful campaigns, to give voice
to the policy positions and values reflected in our platform, to stand strongly
against government interference in election process and not to be swayed by
dark money.

The AZLP has been Arizona’s vanguard of “all of Arizona’s freedoms, all of the
time” for the last 50 years. We will continue to be that vanguard for all Arizonans
— not just the 40,000 who are our registered voters, or the 70,000 who voted for
our presidential candidate in 2020, but all Arizonans who value more freedom
and less government.

Blake Masters’ party, the AZGOP, has used every nasty trick in the book to
keep Libertarian candidates off the ballot for the last ten years. They have
imposed an eight-fold increase in signature requirements for third parties while
throwing bones to the Democrats, removed our name and the Green Party from
the state-published voter registration forms, filed frivolous lawsuits against the
candidates who did manage to collect adequate signatures, and engaged in
fraudulent character assassination. Blake Masters’ national party has tripled the
deficit, perpetuated wars of foreign aggression, embraced bigotry and fraud.
Every Libertarian affirms a statement upon their voter registration: “We do not
support the use of force or fraud to achieve political goals.”
If Blake Masters believed this, the Libertarian ticket would be the only ticket he
could run on. Clearly, he does not.

Many Libertarians were appropriately concerned at some off-color statements
made by candidate Victor early on. Nevertheless, the party gave him credit
where credit was due in having obtained the amount of signatures necessary to
appear on the ballot. In appearing there, Marc Victor accepted the trust of the
AZLP’s 40,000 voters, and the independent and party not declared voters who
routinely vote with us. His last-minute divert to endorse the GOP’s candidate is
a breach of that trust and was not supported by the AZLP.

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