Call to action on SB1367 “Defend the guard”


The Arizona Libertarian Party is a party of activism and action. We hold dear to our principles and lead by action and example. When we see a wrong, we set about to right it. In no area is this more glaring than the horrors of the endless warfare of the United States. We libertarians are vehement anti-war activists.

What makes an activist? Taking action. It is not sufficient to complain. Action is the currency of liberty. Freedom requires responsibility and fervor in its defense. In the mountain of legislation passed regularly in the steady march toward centralized control and intrusion, any legislation which moves toward sovereignty is precious. We are blessed with an opportunity to support such legislation RIGHT NOW.

AZ SB 1367 to Defend the Guard (Defend The Guard | Uphold The Constitution) is a step in this direction. The bill prohibits the deployment of the Arizona National Guard without a formal declaration of war by the United States Congress as is constitutionally REQUIRED under Article 1, Section 8, Clause 15.

AZ SB 1367 is a very important step in reigning in centralization and restoring the balance of state and federal powers as intended by the founders, as they enumerated in the constitution, but it won’t happen on its own. It requires the practical support of us, the principled activists. For this reason, the Arizona Libertarian Party is requesting your help in supporting the efforts of the National Defend the Guard organization to call State Senators and demand our voice be heard in support of this important bill.


How can one person help? By placing calls to the six remaining undecided senators and expressing support for Defend the Guard. Please engage in activism at the most simple level and sign up here to help in our phone banking efforts to pass this legislation. MAKE THE CALL!


Please consider helping us further mobilize our support network by making a recurring or one time dontation.

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